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To download forms - Select desired form, click on PDF Format Icon with your mouse.
Email completed form to contractors@huckabyins.com or fax toll free to : 888-266-0067.
For additional information or help call 888-266-4555. (if  forms will not download see bottom of this page.)

Small to Medium Artisan Contractor Quote G/L Quote Application
(Artisan contractors - up to 5 New Custom Home / Residential projects per year,
$500k in payroll, $2,000,000
in receipts)


Specialty Artisan Contractor G/L Quote Application  
(Artisan / Remodel Contractors ONLY.  No new  Custom Home / Residential projects No "B" license.)



Small to Medium General Contractors G/L Quote Application
(Small / Medium General / Remodel & paper Contractors - up to 5 new Custom Home /
residential projects per year $8,000,000 in receipts less than $1,000,000 per project.)


Large General / Remodel Contractors G/L Quote Application

(Large General / Remodel Contractors over $8,000,000 annual receipts, 6 or more new
Custom home / Residential starts, tract, multi units projects.)


Roofer G/L Quote Application




Risk Retention Group (RRG) G/L Quote Application     
(General Contractors, Artisan Contractors, Roofers)



Workers Comp Quote Application 
(for contractors)


Business Vehicle Quote Application




No Loss Warranty Letter
(Download this form onto your letter)


                Click Here for an online Quote Form for Artisans


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